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Who Are We?

Spin’s primary objective is to bring the rich heritage of porcelain making from China into the modern world. This is an art that has been through countless centuries, and we intend to elevate its appreciation for many more years to come. At Spin, we believe that the products we sell must be well designed, innovative and evocative to provoke our customers’ attention and desire. At the same time, our products must be made of the highest quality with a rich heritage of production excellence. By marrying these two beliefs together, we bring to our customers contemporary porcelain products of a different kind. All our products are designed in-house and are hand-produced. As a result, our products are unique and almost always limited in quantity and our product range are always constantly being updated with fresh ideas throughout the year.

JingDeZhen city (景德镇) in Jiangxi Province of China is known as “Porcelain Capital” because it has been producing quality pottery for 1700 years.  Its porcelain is reputed to be “As thin as paper; As white as jade; As bright as a mirror; With a sound as clear as a bell”. Our designers are encouraged never to limit their imaginations. Typically, a design starts in their head, translates into pencil doodling, then into digital CAD format, then approval, prototype making and finally, hand made production. This process can take at minimum 6 months to sometimes as long as 18 months. So the Spin products that you see today are the result of a painstaking long process. Discover for yourself a unique shopping experience and we hope that you bring home something different.

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From a striking accent to a conversation starter; find the treasure you are seeking at Spin. Visit our showroom today at 211 Holland Avenue, #02-43 Holland Road, Shopping Centre, 278967.

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